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Founded in 1988 as a volunteer facility to assist economically disadvantaged inner city students, the internationally recognized college workshop®, now a venerable (not to mention legendary) Phoenix institution, has since ushered hundreds of students through the college admissions process with unparalleled success.

And while the college workshop’s admit record into the nation’s top schools is impressive, it is our writing seminar, Take Pity on the Poor Admissions Officer, that has garnered millions of dollars in competitive scholarship money (more than $19 million to date) for our applicants – and catapulted the college workshop® into a category all its own in the admissions firmament. It is not uncommon for an applicant to receive a handwritten note from admissions thanking him/her for “the funniest/most charming/most engaging essays I have ever read.” Many are award-winning. Several have been published.

The trademark irreverent humor – not to mention attitude toward the admissions process – has attracted the rich and famous, well heeled and well connected, many of whom swear that their investment into their kids’ (few of whom, by the way, resemble the characters in The Applicants) futures was better than a great day on the stock market.

Our writing method has been successfully used by the author of a published book on breast cancer. For those too busy to master the method, we have ghostwritten a political thriller and a memoir – both published.

In demand by small private high schools to develop comprehensive college advising programs and to teach both exegetical and literary writing, the college workshop® is committed to dispelling the myths and mayhem that plague the increasingly (though unnecessarily) complex, angst-inducing admissions process – in a way that is at once entertaining and educational.

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